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Below you will see some of the most common questions that we get asked. If you don’t see your question or answer below then please contact us.

Question: Do I need to remove all the wallpaper?
Answer: All wallpaper needs to be removed prior to plastering but this can be incorporated into the price.

Question: Do I need to remove skirting boards and architraves?
Answer: Not really, skirting boards and architraves can be plastered to, but if you are having new skirting and architraves it is ideal to take them off before plastering, this can also be incorporated into the price.

Question: I need extra sockets and more lights?
Answer: One thing to take into account is have I got enough sockets and do I want more lights? It is ideal to have all your sockets and lighting fitted before plastering this can be incorporated into the price.

Question: Will you plaster behind my radiator?
Answer: All radiators need to be removed if you want them plastered behind this can be incorporated into the price or you can remove them yourself.

Question: How long do I need to wait for plaster to dry out before decorating?
Answer: It really depends on the conditions, however usually you can decorate the ceiling in about 3 days and the walls take a little longer depending on what type of system has been used.

Question: Can I apply paint directly on plastered walls?
Answer: Not really, as it is always best to seal with a 50/50 water and paint mix (mist coat)

Question: How long does it take to plaster a room?
Answer: Depending on the size and complexity of the room, most rooms can be finished in two or three days.

Question: If I want to plaster a room, do I need to remove the carpets?
Answer: There is no need to remove carpets from rooms, as adequate floor coverings are put down over carpets before work commences.

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Plastering Lincolnshire

David Shaw:

I have used John a few times for various plastering jobs and it goes without saying that John Flynn is a fantastic plasterer. He is very clean...

James Eaton:

John The Plasterer. Gave us great service and a excellent finish. Thanks again.

John Richards:

Complete re-plastering of bedroom. Excellent work quality, and friendly service, leading to a first class job. Very competitive price...

Andy Barrell:

John did an excellent job of plastering a room for us and would certainly recommend him. He was very professional in his manner...